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The Ultimate Site For Wholesale Bags Directly From China Factories

Want to wholesale bags from China but feel lost in the various wholesale platforms? From the famous Alibaba to DH Gate and AliExpress, the options may be overwhelming. However, are these really wholesale platforms that can connect to direct factories?

If you’ve ever sourced from any of these platforms, you will realize that filled with tons of middlemen, many of whom are not direct factories. However, competitive prices and unique styles are crucial for small and medium-sized buyers. That’s why sourcing from source factories is the key to standing out from the fierce competition.

Here, let’s introduce BaoNiuNiu( ultimate site for wholesale bags from direct factories in China.


1. Why Bao66 is the ultimate website for wholesale bags in China?

BaoNiuNiu(Bao66) is a professional bag origin source website, relying on Baigou town in Hebei province and  Shiling town in Guangzhou province. Aiming to provide buyers with one-stop bag business source information and e-commerce distribution solutions.



The platform speaks through the strict certification and screening of bag manufacturers around the information gathered together. For the bag wholesale market across the country e-commerce sellers, wholesalers, and retailers to provide luggage new sources. Including suitcases, handbags, travel bags, wallets, backpacks, cell phone bags, …

It allows buyers to link to all kinds of bag manufacturers easily. Open the business barriers from the source, eliminate the information gap, improve the efficiency of suppliers and buyers, and reduce costs. Therefore, you can find that the price on this platform has absolute advantages compared to other wholesale websites.

BaoNiuNiu(Bao66) realizes the full coverage of the bag industrial region. The convergence of massive new models, seasonal hot models, first-hand sources, and quality suppliers. To search for models and other categories should be complete.

Fresh real-time updates, and hundreds of new designs every day. It allows buyers to master the trend at any time. Merchant-platform-seller platforms, make the buyers realize they “do not leave home to know the latest market trends”. That’s why you can enjoy the advantages of the source wherever you are.


2. Why Bao66 is superior to other wholesale websites?

Bao66  is different from other comprehensive wholesale sites, which is a professional platform specializing in vertical categories of bags. The products mainly come from Hebei Baigou town and Guangzhou Shiling town and other bag production source origin. The origin has unparalleled advantages.

  • Various designs

The vertical site contains a wide variety of bags. All styles and designs can be found here.

  • Unbeatable price

Because it is sold directly from the factory on it, the price has an absolute advantage compared to those on other platforms.

price on alibaba and 1688

  • Low MOQ

All items are supported in one-piece order, except for styles that are temporarily out of stock.

Most of the bags on Alibaba or 1688 are 3-5 pieces, but the minimum order quantity of Baoniuniu is only 1 piece.

  • Updating hundreds of new designs daily

Every day will be updated a large number of the latest models of all kinds of bags so that buyers can have a large number of styles to choose from, to select the most suitable products.


3. How to sign up for a Bao66 account?

Because this website is a Chinese domestic wholesale platform, it does not have an English interface, and overseas buyers need to work with a webpage translator to use it.


First of all, registering as a member of Bao66 is necessary. Then you can carry out other operations, such as adding to favorites, or a cart, and so on. Becoming a member requires a Chinese mobile phone number, and currently does not support the registration of foreign phone numbers.

There are 2 solutions here, the first one is to find a platform that can provide a Chinese virtual cell phone number and collect the verification code. Second, you can find a Chinese sourcing agent to help you register, or use their account to select styles.

Please remember to click directly from the top right corner of the home page and do not use any page translations. This is because we have found that when page translation is done on the home page, the 2 buttons, Register and Login, are hidden.


Sometimes cannot show when using the translator



The Sign Up button taps in and brings you to the following page. Please select the second one, and register as an online seller.


register on Baoniuniu


Then go to the registration page, you need to fill in a Chinese cell phone number. Then just fill in the verification code received with your virtual cell phone. Currently, it only supports Chinese numbers.

only support Chinese mobile phone number


4. How to buy from Bao66?

Firstly, from the homepage, you can see there are many styles listed below. However, all kinds of bags and designs mix all together, which is not easy for customers to select the certain kind of styles they want.

There are style categories at the bottom of the homepage navigation bar. The styles are carefully categorized according to the styles and functions.

classification on Baoniuniu


For example, if you want to wholesale handbags, tap in and enter. The results page will present a variety of styles of handbags for you to choose from.

After entering the search results page for handbags, the platform provides a more detailed breakdown of specific styles, sizes, materials, and price ranges.

Let buyers can be more quickly and efficiently according to their own needs further is to filter out more suitable ones. This option setting greatly saves the buyer’s time in screening for the right item, which is a great feature that other platforms don’t have.



When you find some styles that you like, you can add them to your favorites. The favorite button on the bottom right of the image shows collect.

collect to your favorit


You can also click on the product page that you like, carefully check the details picture then collect favorites from this page is also fine.


also can collect from inside page


This site also allows us to download the market material, and by clicking the button below you can download all of the HD images and videos for that item.

download HB photos


Go to the backend of your account and be able to see all the items you have selected.



Once you have found enough styles that you want to purchase, you need to contact the supplier to make the purchase. However, It is not recommended to purchase directly on the platform because the back-end interface is complicated and a surcharge of 0.5 USD per item is added to platform purchases.

Also, because this is a domestic wholesale site(same as and the suppliers on it don’t speak English, there is no way for them to communicate with you effectively and they can’t arrange international shipping as well.

Therefore, if you want to buy from Baoniuniu, we recommend you hire a professional sourcing agent to help. You just need to select the designs, and then leave all the complicated follow-up works to them.


5. Bao66 supplier can ship worldwide?

As a China domestic wholesale platform, suppliers on BaoNiuNiu(Bao66) can only arrange shipment to local address in China. It is not possible to ship directly to foreign countries, so you need to find a domestic freight forwarder or a professional buying agent especially who with full of experience on bags to handle the subsequent shipping process for you.
As professional sourcing agents, they will be responsible for communicating with individual suppliers, placing orders, and arranging payments. Collecting goods from different manufacturers and consolidating them together. After the goods arrive, arrange for the inspection of the products to ensure that they are all going to meet the quality standards.

Some customers have private labeling needs, we also provide additional value-added services. We help customers to print private labels and hang tags, and repack.

Finally, after all, goods are inspected and repacked. We will choose the most suitable transportation methods and ship worldwide according to the customer’s requirements on time and shipping fee.



With its direct-to-supplier model, BaoNiuNiu provides an efficient and reliable one-stop platform for domestic and overseas buyers. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprises or individual buyers, to select factory source bags. With the help of professional sourcing back-office services, the agent ensures that overseas buyers can also source good quality and low-priced goods from direct factories.



1. What types of handbags can I find on Bao66?

Bao66 offers a variety of handbags, including clutches, handbags, backpacks, etc., with different styles, materials and prices. In the homepage navigation bar, detailed classification is carried out to facilitate customers to quickly find the type and style they are looking for.


2. Are the prices on Bao66 negotiable?

Although Bao66 already offers competitive prices, some bulk orders may be eligible for further discounts. It is best to contact their customer support for specific inquiries.


3. How to ensure the quality of bao66 products?
Before purchasing in large quantities, it is best to order a sample first. Comprehensively evaluate the quality and details, and sign a detailed contract with the supplier to ensure that the bulk goods are consistent with the sample. If you are not in China, it is best to use a professional purchasing agent to assist with quality inspection and delivery matters.


4. Bao66 products are all in stock, can they support customization?
The products sold on the platform are all in stock and have been produced. But if you have customized needs, suppliers can also meet them. Customized design and LOGO are supported, but the minimum order quantity must be met.

5. What’s the estimated delivery time for Bao66?
Spot goods are usually shipped in 2-3 days, and some out-of-stock styles can usually be prepared and shipped within 10-12 days. Customized styles have a delivery time of 2 to 4 weeks depending on the order quantity.


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