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Style Sourcing is your reliable partner in Yiwu, the center of the world’s largest small commodity market. With over 12 years ‘experience, we have accumulated over a decade of valuable experience navigating the vast maze of the Yiwu market. We are uniquely positioned to provide you with in-depth and unparalleled insight into the market. Our one-stop sourcing service not only simplifies your sourcing process but also ensures a seamless, efficient, and rewarding sourcing experience.

Professional Team

We are very familiar with the Yiwu market and products and are able to quickly source for our customers with products and suppliers. Our teammates are fluent in English and can communicate with customers without any barriers.

One-Stop Service

We can provide you with the full range of services required for Yiwu market sourcing, hotel bookings, airport pick-ups, market guides, sourcing and buying, order placement, quality checks, shipping and other value-added services.

Factory Direct Prices

Based in the Yiwu wholesale market, we also have deep cooperation with many premium manufacturers across the country. With strong supply resources to support us serve our customers at better prices.

After Sales Services

Style Sourcing strictly controls the quality of products. If any defective, damaged, shortages, or other after-sales issues, have quality assurance, and we pursue of long-term cooperation with our value customers.

Yiwu Market

Why Yiwu Market is a sourcing paradise?

Yiwu is famous for its large wholesale market in the world, which attracts overseas buyers.

Diverse product offerings – a wide range of products are available for purchase, including clothing, accessories, home goods, toys, and more.

Competitive prices – Yiwu is known for its low prices, making it a popular destination for bulk purchases.

Efficient transportation – the trade city is easily accessible by air, rail, and road, making it convenient for buyers from around the world to reach.

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Products In Yiwu Market

The market consists of 5 districts covering an area of 4 million square meters for over 75,000 booths. The products come from around 40 industries and include 4,200 different categories of goods. If you stop by a booth for 3 minutes, then you will be stuck in this market for a whole year to visit all the booths.

First floor
Bags, umbrellas, poncho bags

Second floor
Hardware tool accessories, electrical products, locks, cars

Third floor
Hardware kitchen and bathroom, small household appliances, telecommunications equipment, electronic instruments, clocks, and watches

Fourth floor
Manufacturer’s direct sales center and boutique trading areas such as Hong Kong Pavilion, Korean Business Pavilion, Sichuan Pavilion, Anhui Pavilion, Jiangxi Jiujiang Pavilion, Xinjiang Hotan Pavilion, etc.

Fifth floor
Foreign Trade Procurement Service Center

First floor
Stationery such as pens, pencils, and ink. Glasses, wall calendars, and couplets

Second floor
Entertainment and leisure goods, sporting goods, office supplies

Third floor
Combs and mirrors, zippers and buttons, cosmetics and clothing apparel

Fourth floor
Factory outlets for beauty and cosmetics, clothing, and other sportswear accessories

Fifth floor
Decorative paintings, decorative painting accessories, and processing machinery


First floor
Hosiery and leggings

Second floor
Daily necessities, gloves, hats, needle cotton

Third floor
Footwear, string, lace, tie, wool, towel

Fourth floor
Bra underwear, belt, scarf

Fifth floor
Tourist shopping centers, bras, underwear, shoes, daily necessities, decorative painting accessories/machinery, painting hats, and scarves


Fifth District

First floor
Imported food, health products, imported clothing, department stores, imported handicrafts, other imported goods, Africa Exhibition Center

Second floor
Bedding, wedding supplies, hair products, pet (aquarium) supplies

Third floor
Curtain fabrics, knitted fabrics, knitting materials, wedding supplies, hotel supplies

Fourth floor
Auto supplies, auto, and motorcycle accessories, small commodity distribution

Fifth floor
Internet service

meet all buying needs

Meet All Buying Needs

Whether you are a retailer or a wholesaler, all can find the right source of goods in Yiwu wholesale market.


Various categories and a rich supply chain are suitable for supermarket buyers to purchase products from Yiwu Market

Chain Store

Competitive price, OEM/ODM, brand customization support,ideal for chain store customers

E-commerce Sellers

A wide variety of novelty products, and support small wholesale, a variety of transportation channels, very suitable for e-commerce customers

Retail Shop

Low order quantity and a wide range of products, suitable for small wholesale and retailer buyers

We are committed to serving you irrespective of the size or scale of your order. Our versatile service model is adaptable to all business types and sizes, and we’re dedicated to providing a premium one-stop purchasing service that caters to your unique needs. From novice buyers to established brand merchants, every client receives our undivided attention, our expertise, and our commitment to their success.

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How We Help

How We Help You Wholesale From Yiwu Market?

What's more

More Than Just A Sourcing Agent

At Style Sourcing, we pride ourselves on being more than just a sourcing agent. Our services go beyond merely connecting you with suppliers – we are your strategic partner, dedicated to fueling your business’s growth and success.

Business Consulting

Our team leverages our in-depth knowledge of the Yiwu market to provide strategic business consulting services. We provide actionable insights on product trends, supplier negotiations and market entry strategies to help you make informed decisions.

Supply Chain Management

We professionally manage your entire supply chain, from procurement to delivery. We ensure smooth operations, minimize risk, and optimize cost efficiency so you can focus on your core business and maximize profits.

Product development Asisstant

We help you turn your product ideas into reality. We connect you with the right manufacturers, manage prototyping, ensure quality control, and guide the production process to effectively transform your vision into a tangible, market-ready product.

Marketing Materials Support

We extend our support to your marketing efforts by providing high-quality product photos and videos, as well as advice on brand packaging and display. Our goal is to enhance your marketing materials to attract and engage your target audience.

Storage & logistics management

From procurement to delivery, we manage all aspects of the logistics chain. This includes storage, customs clearance, and shipping, ensuring your goods arrive safely and promptly at your chosen destination.

Online seller support

Understanding the needs of online sellers, we offer specialized services such as SKU management, FBA preparation, label printing, and shipping to multiple addresses. We also provide assistance with platform-specific requirements to ensure a seamless online selling experience.

Have a question?


We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours. If you have any further want to know about the Yiwu market, please contact us.

There are a number of transportation methods that you can choose from in the Yiwu markets. There is an airport in the city that you can directly fly to. Yiwu is also near Shanghai, and most of the customers also fly to Shanghai, then we can pickup from Shanghai airport.

Visiting Yiwu can also be done by train, bus, or by driving yourself if you are coming into China through another airport.

Because Yiwu Trade City is a wholesale market, most suppliers do not support retail sales, so there is basically a requirement for a minimum order quantity of products. However, many products are basically in stock, so the minimum order quantity is relatively low。

For example, jewelry support 1-3 dozen per design as starting quantity. For handbags, gloves, hats, etc. 300-500pcs a style mixed color.

Daily necessities, handicrafts, etc., wholesale from one carton.

Yiwu is the world’s largest wholesale market for small commodities, with many product and specialty categories. The range of products covered is the widest, essentially covering all aspects of goods needed for everyday life.

The Shenzhen market is designated for electronics only, while Guangzhou is a traditional trading venue, a market for sourcing only fashion jewelry, clothing, and cosmetics.

Yiwu wholesale market suppliers are numerous, some suppliers are factory direct sales, but there are also many intermediaries and wholesalers, so you need to compare and contrast the quality and price of products.
For the purchase quantity is not a lot , the price of purchasing in Yiwu market may be more advantageous than purchasing directly from the factory. Because the supplier will purchase from the factory in large quantities at one time and get a bigger discount than when you buy directly to the factory.

If you are not familiar with importing and exporting and want to import many different products from Yiwu wholesale market, you will need a Yiwu agent to help you manage it. As there are many procedures that require professional skills from sourcing from different suppliers, price negotiation, quality control, shipping, and delivery, etc.

It all depends on the agent’s professional competence. At Styletyle Sourcing company, we offer personalized supply chain management services throughout the entire process: from sourcing to customer delivery, quality control, regulatory compliance and inventory management.

Most Yiwu agents charge their clients based on the amount of the order. Generally, the rates range from 3% to 8%. Customers may also have additional charges for specific services such as custom packaging, packing, certificates, quality control, etc.

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