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Your one-stop supply for jewelry from China. From idea to delivery, various styles and materials, and different scenarios, there is a huge variety of styles and designs to choose from.

We specialize in custom solutions for your specific needs. Please contact us for more information or to request our full catalog.

Wholesale Jewelry in all Kinds

Whatever designs and materials you want, we can supply them no matter what you want for your brand.

Import Jewelry in All Materials

No matter what kind of material you need, we can provide you with full support.

Sterling Silver

Zinc Alloy



Stainless steel

Crystal & Natural Stone



Custom Jewelry From Sketch To Reality

Want a unique style and forget about those stock designs? Embrace the miracle of customization!

Confirm Your Designs

* Render 3D model designs within 2 working days *Optimize product specifications and budget in a proposal that includes details on material, finish, and structural design.

3D Printing & Sampling

*Customize sample in 5 ~ 7 days. * Making sample(mold-making needed) within 3 week

Experience High Quality Samples

*Make sure the sample quality same as in bulk production. *Deliver the sample and goods in 5-7 days if by international express (DHL/FedEx/UPS etc).

All-In-One Jewelry Supply Solution

Whether you want wholesale or customized, we've got you covered!


Starting order quantity for the stock is only 50pcs, and customize styles is also only 100pcs.

Fast Shipping

For ready stock and inventory, your package can be shipped out within 2-3 working days

Very Best Pricing

It is our responsibility to provide our customers with the ultimate cost-effective products.

Quick turnaround

Take pride in our short turnaround period – the whole production cycle of a batch takes generally around 3-4 weeks.

Various Designs Options

Thousands of styles to choose from and continually updated to develop new models. A huge selection for your jewelry business.

Hassle-Free Services

Keep our customers’ satisfaction and success at the heart of all our preparations by 24/7 no barrier communication.

Boost Your Jewelry Business Whoever You Are

Retailers&Shop Owners

Premium jewelry at the best costs to satisfy your customers’ needs with varied and unique collections.

Chain Store&Brand Buyers

Strong development capabilities to provide exclusive styles to your brand. Also for the OEM order will sign a NDA.

Online Sellers

Small order quantity and marketing material support, makes your online business stand out from others.

Jewelry Distributors&Wholesalers

Continuously introduce unique new models and offer the most competitive prices to help you seize your market share.

More Than Just A Jewelry Supplier

Whether you want wholesale or customized, we've got you covered!

Ready stock wholesale

Full range of varieties, styles, spot supply, fast delivery, low MOQ, from 50 pieces, quality assurance.

E-commerce support

In-stock styles ship in 2-3 business days, provide marketing materials such as images and videos.

Private label

Support customization and develop new product designs, as well as the development of packaging.

Logistics support

We help to manage your inventory and handle shipping worldwide, Amazon FBA, also dropshipping.

How To Make A Jewelry

Producing jewelry, the process is a meticulous blend of creative design, precise craftsmanship, and rigorous quality control. From conception to the final polish, each step is crucial in bringing a piece of jewelry to life.

We are well-versed in the production process and craftsmanship and control every process. Ensure high-quality products are delivered to customers.

Concept & Design: The first stage involves creating a design concept, which could be hand-drawn or designed using computer-aided design (CAD) software. The design includes the type of material to be used, the type and placement of gemstones, if any, and other design elements.

Mold Creation: Once the design is approved, a prototype is created, often using wax or a similar material. This prototype is used to make a mold for casting the jewelry.

Casting: The mold is filled with the chosen metal (like gold, silver, platinum) in liquid form, and then allowed to cool and solidify. The resulting piece is a rough version of the final product.


Pre-finishing: The cast piece is cleaned and pre-finished. This involves removing the sprues (the metal channels through which the molten metal flowed), filing, and sanding to smooth the piece.

Stone Setting: If the design involves gemstones, they are carefully set into the piece at this stage. This is a delicate process and requires skilled craftsmanship.

Electroplating: This is a process where a piece of jewelry is submerged in a metal-rich solution. Just like giving jewelry a thin “coat” of metal using electricity. It helps to make the jewelry look better, have different colors, and last longer without rusting.

Polishing & Finishing: The jewelry piece is then polished to achieve a high shine. Any final touches such as engraving or additional detailing are added at this stage.

Quality Inspection and Packing: Every piece of jewelry is inspected for quality, ensuring it meets the required standards. Once the piece passes the quality control checks, it’s packaged and prepared for delivery or sale.

The Jewelry Production Hub In China

Understanding China’s major jewelry production centers is critical for buyers looking to source from China. By identifying the specialized production areas and characteristics of each type of jewelry, it is possible to get the best suits your business model at the most competitive price and maximize your business potential.


Often referred to as the world’s largest small commodities market, Yiwu is renowned for its extensive range of fashion jewelry. Its distinguishing feature is the sheer volume and variety of products available, with competitive pricing making it a favorite for bulk buyers.

The main advantage of the Yiwu market is the wide variety of materials and styles available, complete upstream and downstream support, and the possibility of personalized customization. And the price has an absolute advantage.

Guangzhou, Guangdong

As one of China’s major trading centers, Guangzhou boasts numerous fashion jewelry manufacturers and markets. The Taikang Jewelry Market and Xijiao Jewelry Market are the must-go places.

Guangzhou stands out for its perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Guangzhou suppliers pride themselves on the quality of their work, producing jewelry that is both stylish and well-made.


Qingdao is the third major industrial zone for jewelry production after Yiwu and Guangzhou, mainly for the European, American, and Japanese-Korean markets.

Because of its proximity to Japan and South Korea, the styles and patterns mainly favor this market. The workmanship is good and the price is moderate.

Have a question?


We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours. If you have any further want to know about sourcing handbag from China, please contact us.

If you purchase our ready-made stock styles, the minimum order quantity is 1-2 dozent each,which is very friendly for startups or new in business want to test the market.

If it’s a custom design, it’s usually 10 dozent per desugb,

This is a quantity that most suppliers cannot support and we want to help small to medium-sized buyers, e-commerce customers, and people who want to try this industry to support their business growth with a lower starting order quantity.

If it is one of our in-stock styles, the sample fee is $10-$50 depending on the style. If it is a custom style, the sample fee is $50-$80 USD, refundable for the order placed.

Before ordering, you can request a sample to be sent for confirmation to assess the quality. We have a professional QC team that will inspect the large shipment for more than 2 times. In-production inspection and pre-shipment inspection, and provide inspection reports to customers for confirmation.

Usually, payment is made by bank transfer, credit card, PayPal, or by letter of credit for large orders. A common practice is T/T, where 30% is paid in advance when the order is placed and the remaining 70% is paid after the goods have been shipped and all necessary documentation has been provided.

Quality control involves material and material inspection, inspection during production, and final inspection of the finished product. Some manufacturers may have third-party inspectors or internal quality control teams that perform these inspections. They will check workmanship, materials, functionality, and other specifications against agreed-upon standards.

Choosing the best shipping method depends on your needs in terms of cost, speed, and reliability. For large orders, ocean freight may be cost-effective, while air freight is faster but more expensive. Courier is best for smaller, urgent shipments. We have long-standing professional freight forwarders and customs clearance agents with whom we can obtain advantageous ocean freight rates and can assist you with shipping and customs clearance arrangements.

We provide a one-stop service, and in addition to procurement, we can also take care of order tracking and feedback, inspection, and collection of your goods from different suppliers, and consolidate and arrange transportation and customs clearance. So if you already have a supplier, we can help you handle everything else from order placement to shipment.

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