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How to Import Fashion Jewelry From China? 2024 Complete Guide

Do you want to import fashion jewelry in China but are not sure how to start?

Do you want to figure out what kind of jewelry you can buy from China?

Want to buy jewelry in China but are afraid of running into fraud?

Do not worry, you will find all your answers in this article. Here is a complete guide to help you know everything you should pay attention to in jewelry sourcing. OK, let’s get started.

wholesale jewelry market

1. Why should import fashion jewelry from China?

As one of the most important jewelry industrial bases, China plays a vital role in the world’s jewelry business. Over the past decade, China’s jewelry industry has entered a stage of rapid development. No matter whether it is an increasingly perfect industry, a gradually standardized industry, a growing workforce, the upgrade of quality and design, good cost management, making the jewelry with competitive price and good quality, attracting customers from all over the world.

Fast fashion accessories are mainly made of alloy, copper gold-plated, copper silver-plated, or 925 sterling silver, which attracts customers with great styles and low prices. Their consumption frequency is much higher than that of fine jewelry to meet the basic needs of dressing and matching.

The jewelry supply chain is concentrated in the three coastal areas of Yiwu, Zhejiang Province, Guangdong Province (mainly Guangzhou Panyu, Shenzhen, and Foshan), and Qingdao, Shandong Province with tens of thousands of small and medium-sized factories.

Guangdong jewelry benefits from the geographical advantages of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, foreign trade export has a certain advantage, Yiwu jewelry is lower cost, quick to update, and constantly expands the domestic and foreign fast-fashion jewelry markets.


2. What kind of jewelry can be sourced from China?

In terms of the share of jewelry exports from China, high-end fine jewelry made from diamond, platinum, or precious metal material, accounted for less than 35%. Low- and middle-grade fast fashion products account for more than 65% of the total jewelry export. The materials used are alloy, stainless steel, acrylic, 925 silver, rhinestone, pearl, and crystal. Natural materials such as semi-precious stones, wood, and shells are also widely used by Chinese manufacturers.

jewelry accessory shop

(This is a booth that provides alloy and acrylic jewelry accessories in the Yiwu market)

As China has a rich and well-established supply chain for a wide variety of raw jewelry materials, it offers Chinese manufacturers a wide and comprehensive range of choices. This is crucial for the fast fashion jewelry industry.

You can easily find almost all categories of fashion jewelry such as earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, anklets, hair bands and accessories, and even costume accessories for all occasions.
What’s more, Chinese suppliers’ highly scalable production scale and experienced labor, both in terms of product style, price, and shipment time. All are unmatched by other countries. All these factors make China the best choice for importing fashion jewelry.

necklace shop

(This supplier specializes in alloy earrings and necklaces.)

acrylic earrings

(Acrylic earrings supplier)

stainless steel jewelry

(This is one of the suppliers that mainly produces stainless steel jewelry.)


3. What are the main channels to source China jewelry suppliers?

There are several methods for sourcing jewelry suppliers in China, here are the most common ways how you can start with:

Exhibitions / Fairs 

Canton Fair

Looking for suppliers from exhibitions and fairs used to be the most popular way for most overseas customers, especially brand companies. These exhibitions and fairs are excellent channels to meet face-to-face with different manufacturers and buyers in the trade.

Moreover, you can save time and work by checking the samples and communicating with the manufacturers in person right there.  And decide if the products you like and preliminarily judge that factory is suitable for cooperation.

Canton Fair, Asia’s fashion jewelry and accessories fair, and Hong Kong’s international jewelry show are all famous fairs for jewelry buyers. However, due to the COVID-19 epidemic, there are strict requirements and procedures for foreign customers to enter China, so for now, the exhibition cannot play its role. 

Online B2B platforms

Searching for jewelry suppliers from B2B platforms is also the most common way for most overseas buyers. Just type in the keywords of the jewelry you want to buy on those websites. The countless products and suppliers will appear in front of your eyes in seconds.

Below are the leading B2B platforms you can try to search from


Global Source






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B2B marketplace

Google / social media search

As more and more Chinese suppliers begin to pay attention to online marketing, they start paying more attention to exposing their companies and products through various online channels. In particular, some large professional factories may not open accounts on B2B platforms, but they usually set up independent sites to promote. So Google searches and social media searches have become excellent ways to look for suppliers.

Jewelry Wholesale market

China is the hub of fashion jewelry wholesale markets that capture the most significant share of the world’s jewelry industry. These large, specialized marketplaces house thousands of suppliers and offer a large selection of fashion jewelry styles to choose from. Buyers can directly assess product quality, negotiate prices, and build relationships with suppliers, making these marketplaces invaluable places to purchase.

Therefore, if you want to import fashion jewelry in China at competitive prices, you cannot afford to miss the specialized wholesale markets.


4. What are the wholesale jewelry markets in China?

Coming specialized wholesale markets like Yiwu International Trade City and Guangzhou Taikang Jewelry City offer unparalleled access to a large number of fashion jewelry suppliers. These markets are renowned centers offering diverse, high-quality, and trend-oriented collections at competitive prices.

4.1 Yiwu International Wholesale Market

Yiwu market

Yiwu is the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market, specializing in exports. And jewelry and accessories take the most important place in the whole market. Yiwu market can be the paradise that provides you one-stop jewelry solution if you want to buy fashion jewelry.

Competitive price

One of the main advantages of buying Yiwu for wholesale fashion jewelry is the competitive price. 

Yiwu jewelry industry has an industrial chain including development, material supply, logistics distribution, and product sales. With the advantage of the local market developing rapidly, Yiwu jewelry export sales account for 70% of China. Yiwu jewelry industry belongs to the typical labor-intensive industry, with small profits and quick turnover, to achieve low-price sales.

Yiwu as a ” global distribution center for small commodities “, sees clearly that the world is not only China.
So this category is one of the best, basically, any domestic wholesale small commodities are shipped from Yiwu, and the production of small commodities manufacturers will also first consider Yiwu.
Because of the huge amount of “set”, and “loose”, it can maintain its advantage with very low prices, usually, the price of a merchant is 20 RMB, but Yiwu can be less than 20 yuan to get their hands on the price, the amount of winning thin profit.

Low minimum order quantity

International orders are now increasingly fragmented, and most suppliers in Yiwu support low MOQ. For example, 10doz/color/style for jewelry, 50pcs/color/style for bags, and 200pcs/color/style for hats. In addition, more and more suppliers here are also supplying the domestic market, and many popular styles they produce are in stock for supply. This is especially friendly to new startup buyers, 3-5pcs can also be purchased.

jewelry stock

Quickly updated styles

If you have been to the Yiwu market for a while, you will find that the renewal of the jewelry market is very impressive. Many suppliers developed more than 30 new models in a week and kept innovating. Yiwu suppliers are very sensitive to fashion trends. If a specific element of jewelry or style becomes popular, within a few days, you will find that all kinds of jewelry with that element begin to appear widely in front of your eyes.

Continuous innovation and development abilities are vital for fashion jewelry importers. Wholesaling jewelry from Yiwu, you do not need to worry about this anymore.

one jewelry booth in Yiwu market


4.2  Guangzhou Jewelry Market

The jewelry market in Guangzhou is not centralized, consisting of several wholesale markets in different areas. For overseas buyers, the following three wholesale markets are worth a visit. There is high and low-grade Jewelry here, and most suppliers have ready stock.  Almost all the suppliers will do both retail and wholesale. Customers can buy in low quantities and in mixed designs. They also do OEM and ODM if you meet their MOQ.

Taikang jewelry city

  • Guangzhou Taikang Jewelry City

Taikang Jewelry City has about 500 suppliers, mainly for fashion jewelry, there are also some shops selling scarves, belts, and hats. Not always direct factory sales, but you always can find many shops with very distinctive styles, if you want to look for some unique style distinct from other regular styles. It’s worth spending some time here. The MOQ is also very attractive, normally 10doz/color. For some very special and complicated styles, will need 20doz/color. And about 30% of the booths sell stock. And some of them can even sell you samples.

  • Guangzhou Xijiao Building

Xijiao building established in 2000, is the biggest professional jewelry wholesale market in Guangzhou and near the railway station, the location of the convenient transportation, attracts both domestic and foreign buyers. Here gathered jewelry industry-leading enterprises to set up their showrooms, such as Weinihua, Neoglory, and Yimei Jewelry. So in this market, most of the suppliers specialize in high-end jewelry.

So you do need to go to all the different factories, come here, and you will see the latest styles from all the leading factories. The MOQ here is a bit higher than in the Yiwu market, but normally 20/doz/color, sometimes can be negotiable.

  • Guangzhou Liwan Plaza

Liwan Plaza mainly engaged in semi-precious stones and crystals. 70% of the suppliers come from Haifeng Ketang,  the origin of crystal raw materials. The rest are from Jiangsu Donghai and other raw materials’ original place.

4.3 Qingdao Jewelry Market

Compared with Yiwu and Guangzhou, the Jewelry craft in Qingdao is more complex, and the price is also higher.

Being located next to Korea, it has become the production center of Korean-style Jewelry. There are many Korean jewelry companies based in Qingdao. If you want to buy higher-grade Jewelry, especially Korean-style designs, the Jimo small commodities market, and the Sino-Korea international commodities market are the right places to go.

Qingdao Jewelry market


5. What should you consider when choosing the right supplier for your jewelry business?

Before starting your supplier search journey, I think it’s also necessary to analyze which suppliers suit your current situation the best, direct factory, wholesaler, or professional sourcing company. If you succeed in knowing this, then it could be a lot easier for you to search.

  • Importers who want to buy a particular type of jewelry 

This type of buyer has a very clear intention about the product, so they should look for a direct factory. For example, if you want to buy stainless steel jewelry, then a factory specializing in producing stainless steel jewelry is what you should look for. A professional factory usually focuses on making products of a certain kind of material instead of doing everything.

Because different materials need to be handled by different machine equipment, and the production process is not the same. A factory specializing in one or a few categories of products will be much better in terms of quality and cost than a factory that does everything. 

  • Buyers who want to buy various jewelry 

As for this type of buyer, working with a jewelry wholesaler is a good choice. Wholesalers not only sell products from one factory but will select products from many factories combined into one category to sell. So buyers working with a wholesaler can get many choices to pick from, not limited to one particular material or category. The diversity of products and styles is their greatest strength. 

  • New in the jewelry business or want to buy less expensive jewelry and a lower quantity

For jewelry startups who are new in this business with a limited budget, cooperating with a good sourcing company is one way that I highly recommend. It is time-consuming when you face issues sourcing suppliers from new industries. It will also lead to unexpected problems in your sourcing process.

Unfamiliar with the product and industry, you will encounter unexpected potential problems over purchasing, such as quality control, price control, production follow-up, dispute settlement of defects, etc. Working with a sourcing agent, all these issues will no longer worry about.

A professional sourcing agent can assist in locating suitable suppliers for you. They always combine online and offline resources to find the most suitable supplier for you. No matter how many styles and quantities you want to buy, they will source the right ones according to your requirements.


6. What are the potential quality problems in jewelry and how to avoid them?

Quality is the foundation of all business. Based on our more than ten years of industry experience in this sector, we have summarized some potential quality issues that jewelry is prone to.

  • Broken Chain

It sometimes happens when a customer buys very cheap Jewelry, some manufacturers end up using a very thin chain. Or at the chain link, the ring is not aligned or caught tightly, causing the chain to fall off. So when selecting products, it’s critical to do a careful check on the quality of the sample. Once found may cause potential issues, it’s best to change to better material and note all the changes in detail. When inspecting the mass production, do as many inspections as possible.

  • Worn Metal

The worn issue should be paid attention to for the Jewelry made of metal, such as alloy, stainless steel, or silver. If the scratch or rub can be seen obviously, it definitely cannot be accepted. A professional jewelry manufacturer will use copying paper or clear film to cover the big metal parts.

  • Allergies

When the raw materials used to make Jewelry contain excessive amounts of nickel, cadmium, and lead, it will result in allergies for some customers. Therefore, it is best to confirm with the suppliers if their Jewelry is lead-free, nickel-free, and cadmium-free or request they use environment-friendly material during production.

  • Color Fadness

For alloy and brass jewelry, we should pay attention to color preservation. Check with the supplier to use a better plating process and coat it with protective oil after plating. It will keep the color longer. If the budget is sufficient, you can choose to electroplate gold alloy jewelry, such as 14K gold 18K gold, and so on. The advantage of electroplate gold is that it is not easy to oxidize, and the color retention time is much longer.

  • Falling Stones / Parts

If the glue used on the Jewelry is not strong enough, the sones and parts will fall off. The requested supplier uses good glue, and when conducting an adhesion firmness test, dropping the Jewelry from a height of one meter without stones and parts drop off is qualified.


7. What compliance is needed for the Jewelry?

Different countries have their regulations and rules when it comes to Jewelry importing. Compliance with relevant regulations will be required when products are sold in mainstream local markets. Some chain buyers or brand importers will request compliance tests for the Jewelry from China.

Physical Test

The physical test is mainly based on tensile, colorfastness, Edges and sharp point tests, and other factors. These tests are conducted to ensure that your products have been manufactured to standards and are safe for consumers. Routine physical ornament detection includes:

Workmanship Review: Check that your product meets specifications.

Tension test for fasteners/fasteners and ties – Tests the strength of fasteners and ties.

Small parts fixation: Check that spare parts (e.g. gems) are adequately fixed to the product.

Most of these tests are not mandatory but should still be performed to ensure product quality and consistency and avoid buyer returns.

Chemical Test

Jewelry is usually worn on the skin, and piercing jewelry also penetrates the skin. In addition, small pieces of Jewelry can be swallowed by children. Therefore, Jewelry must comply with all safety thresholds for toxic or irritation-causing chemicals.

Your jewelry products can be tested for various toxic elements, like lead, cadmium, and nickel.

If you do not know what regulations and specific parameters your market needs to comply with, you can contact BV, TUV, SGS, and other authoritative organizations. They will give you detailed information.


jewelry test report


jewelry test report 2


(Here is an example of a jewelry test report from BV.)

8. Warming tips to consider before ordering from a new supplier

Till now, you should have got a fairly understanding about China jewelry market. Next, there are a few more factors that should note during your supplier and product selection.

  • Supplier audit

Most of the suppliers and factories are seriously doing business for the long term. But there is no denying that frauds and scammers are everywhere. So it’s essential to spend some time verifying your candidates.

Check their business license and do an internet search to see if they have any previous disputes. Ask for the contact information of the customers they have worked with in the past and find out if this company is reliable and worth working with by calling their previous clients.

Factory audit is also necessary, especially when it comes to a bigger volume order.

  • Sample confirmation

No matter how urgent your order is, confirming a sample is an important step that cannot be ignored. Sometimes it is risky for customers to place orders without actually seeing the samples. In particular, many pictures and videos on the Internet are processed. So it may happen the production you got is not what you think it is from the picture.

Confirming a pre-production sample is equally crucial for both buyers and sellers. After approving all the details, the factory can confidently start mass production.

  • Don’t obsess over the price

Please understand, that you get what you pay for. Don’t be trapped by by-products that are obviously below the market price. That red flag, maybe they’re trying to cheat you out of your deposit. Or the product you receive may be seriously wrong. So there should be a healthy balance between price and quality.


9. How to ship the jewelry from China?

Once you have settled all the purchasing works, the next job need to do is decide how to ship your production. Picking the most favorable method according to your situation. A good sourcing agent always takes extra care in offering the best options for your shipping.

The most commonly used shipping ways are:

Sea Freight

Ocean freight is the top shipping method that most customers use, especially for bulk shipments in large volumes. The freight fee is the lowest of the other ways, but the transportation time is also the longest.

However, if your location is in the US, there is a faster way to deliver your shipment than regular ocean freight. That is Mason shipping. Mason is the fastest vessel to ship out of China to the United States. After customs clearance and unpacking your shipment at the basic port of the US, UPS / FedEx is used for back-end delivery.

This method of transportation is very suitable for customers who have high requirements for time and do not want to spend too much on air freight.

ocean freight

Rail Transportation

Rail transport is mainly aimed at customers in European countries. Compared to sea freight, rail freight saves time and cost. Rail transport often saves nearly half of the time by the sea. Therefore, rail transport combines the advantages of sea and air transport.

rail freight

Air Freight

When your goods need to be shipped urgently and weigh more than 300kg, air freight is more suitable than international express. Airfreight and air express will be charged against the actual weight and bulk weight. Due to the different calculation formulas of air freight and international express, if the volume weight of the product is larger than the actual weight, the weight charged by air freight will be lower than international express. But for jewelry, it’s usually the actual weight.

If you choose a direct flight, it only takes 1-2 days to get to your destination port. Then will need to take care of customs clearance, and the whole process is speedy.

air cargo

International Express

If you are an importer who buys jewelry in small volumes and wants a fast delivery time. The international express is your best way. This shipping method is excellent for a package that is between 21 kg and 250 kg. Delivery time usually is 3-7 days. You don’t need to handle the customs clearance, just sit back and wait for the delivery to your door.

international express


Importing fashion Jewelry in China is profitable. Due to the price and style advantages, it allows you to start your business at a low cost. If you have any further questions about how to buy fashion jewelry from China, please feel free to contact us. Style Sourcing is always here to help.


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