Style Sourcing FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers

  • offer one-stop sourcing service from China
  • Source products you need and send the quotation
  • Verify suppliers and factories
  • Place orders and follow up the production schedule
  • Negotiate price and MOQ
  • Check quality when goods are finished
  • Custom packaging
  • Private label
  • Products quality inspection
  • Handle exporting procedures
  • Manage an assistant when you are in China
  • Your purchasing representative in China

We treat serious and professional inquiries from our customers. Before dropping a line to us for importing goods from China, it is kindly suggested that you already have a clear idea of which kinds or categories of products you would like to import, which will make our work of sourcing more efficient. Basic and necessary information of the goods to be imported should be provided to us in detail if possible.

For example, if you would like to purchase handbags from China, information as age range, men or lady, kids or adults, material, target market, and selling season for our reference. In most cases, we will require you to share with us some pictures of designs of what you want for better understanding In fact, this greatly helps us locate the most suitable suppliers with the most appropriate goods satisfying your demands.

Rich Working Experience: Our team members all have over 6 years of experience in sourcing, have accumulated abundant supplier resources, can find suitable suppliers efficiently, and give professional guidance during the cooperation.

Great Location: We have offices in Yiwu and Guangzhou, there are plenty of factories for all kinds of products. Yiwu has the world’s largest small commodity wholesale market, Guangzhou is a famous traditional trading city and an important port city in China. There are so many factories for all kinds of products in both places, so it’s quite easy for us to find good suppliers.

It depends. If the product you want to buy has ready stock in the factory, then there is no MOQ. We can be got for you on dozens or few pieces. However, for some low-value products, if you only want a few piece, the factory can sell but they will require you to undertake the inland delivery fee.

If there is no stock in the factory, then we will need to negotiate the best MOQ for you to arrange the production. The MOQ varies for different product categories. For instance, jewelry normally need 10 dozen for production, bags require 100-200pcs per color, garment need 100pcs per size. For a larger device or machine, 1-2unit is acceptable.

Currently, we can offer 3 payment terms.

T/T (Bank Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer): Normally it takes 2-3 working days to receive the wire. For the amount more than 1000usd, we suggest this way.

Western Union: We can receive your payment in a very short time, but the handling charge is a bit high.

Paypal: Mostly used for sample payment, which amounts is less than 500usd, there is a 4.5% handling charge shall be added on the total amount.

We will decide the payment terms according to the total payment amount. Any amount below 5,000 US dollars will be paid after signing the contract. If the amount is above 5,000 US dollars you will have to pay a 30% deposit, and  70% inspection, before shipping.

Yes, no matter what your demands are or how much amount you want to buy. We all can help. We care about every customer’s need.

As an honest and “transparent” sourcing agent, we will send detailed factory information to our customers after placing the order. We never hide anything from our clients.

For the clients order from their existing suppliers and they handle all the purchasing process, we only need to help collect the goods, inspect the quality and arrange the shipping. We will charge a lower service fee.

If need us to help clients communicate with the suppliers during the whole order. We act as the client’s representative to follow up all the processes, from sampling to shipping. We will charge a standard service fee. If facing a quality issue, we will help to negotiate with the supplier until the problem is solved.

We suggest our clients get samples before placing an order with us. We keep the pre-production sample which we require to be signed off on before the production. During the production, we request the factory to update us on the status of each step for us to check if all the details meet the requirements. Then we do the inspection on-site against PP sample. We also coordinate with a Third-party inspection company if our clients requests.

Nobody ca guarantee that there are no any defective products. However, we do our best to minimize the chance of having a significant amount of defective products shipped out.

We will find out the industrial clusters of the products firstly, for example, electronic products in Shenzhen, clothing in Guangzhou, all kinds of small commodities in Yiwu.

We collect suppliers’ information through both online and offline channels, factory resources channels, and conduct preliminary filters according to customer’s needs and quantity.

Further communication with suppliers to confirm details and get quotations and arrange sample.

Ocean Shipping: For bulk goods, sea transportation is the most common way for transportation. Charged by CBM, the cost is the lowest, but you need to take care of the customs clearance on your own or hiring a local broker after shipment(LCL /FCL) arrives at your port.  

 Air Shipping: For urgent shipment, air cargo will be needed. Normally takes 1-2days to arrive at your airport for the direct flight. If it’s heavy goods, the charge will be based on weight; if it’s light goods, the charge will be based on volume and weight. Same as ocean shipping, it also requires you to handle the customs clearance process. If you don’t have a local broker, we can help you with customs clearance as well.

International Express: This is normally used for samples or small shipments. This is door to door service, so you no need to worry about the customs clearance. The package will be delivered to your address. The rate is higher than air cargo and normally takes 5-7working days for delivery.

Railway Transportation: There are China-Europe express trains from Yiwu to Europe, so rail transportation is also a very good choice for European customers.

Yes of course. As long as the quantity you ordered meets the factory’s MOQ. They can put your logo on the product. And print your logo on the label and hangtags or packages. Sometimes to save packing material costs, we suggest customers order labels, tags, and packages in a slightly larger quantity at once, keeping the remaining material in our office for the repeat order.

Because sourcing agents not only handle sourcing supplies for you but also arrange shipping, quality, and provide many other procurement-related services, you are essentially outsourcing your business’ procurement and supply chain department to sourcing agents.

As a result, you will not have to hire employees or have a separate department for this function. Therefore, you will save on many costs such as salaries and HR & recruitment of the employees.

Not only this, but you also will not have to set up or purchase expensive sophisticated order tracking systems or communications with the suppliers which will save a lot of capital expenditure.

The instances where you save costs when using a sourcing agent listed above are limited. There are many more ways in which you will have cost savings when using a sourcing agent. You will be able to reduce your overall procerement expenses and get higher profit margins.