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Is Alibaba Safe? How to Buy Safely

Alibaba is the very best platform to source cheap items for your online store. Keep in mind that Alibaba has numerous suppliers, traders, and factories.

So, it’s important to do your research and find the most reputable suppliers that can fulfill your requirements smoothly. Listed below, you’ll find a detailed guide on how to safely buy products on Alibaba.

1. What is Alibaba?

Alibaba is the largest e-commerce platform in the world that helps connect suppliers, primarily from China, with buyers. Through Alibaba, companies around the world can choose a manufacturer and have products made and shipped to them, both ready-to-ship or customized goods. They can likewise sell to international wholesale buyers. Alibaba permits worldwide services access to a global B2B e-commerce platform.

Alibaba platform

The Alibaba team has various other related e-commerce sites as well:

AliExpress: Alibaba’s B2C global retail platform. It allows global buyers to acquire items from Chinese companies with no minimum order.

Its other e-commerce platforms serve Chinese customers:

Taobao: C2C retail marketplace.

T-mall: B2C e-commerce website. It permits Chinese and also global sellers and also brands to market to consumers in China. It is essentially a digital shopping mall with digital shops.

1688: B2B system like Alibaba geared for the Chinese market.

1688 platform

With each other, they have hundreds of numerous users, as well as hosts hundreds of countless products and also merchants.

2. Is Alibaba Safe?

Alibaba is safe but it is not easy to choose the appropriate supplier. As well as the most hazardous barriers to locating the ideal supplier are the middlemen and fraudsters.

Alibaba has lots of security actions in the area that allow you to extensively research every candidate along with an escrow solution that gets rid of scams.

You have to take benefit of the resources that Alibaba gives to make sure a risk-free and also legitimate transaction.

You do so at your very own danger if you ever determine to conduct your very own personal deals outside of Alibaba.

Bear in mind, Alibaba is just an online directory of Chinese vendors as well as you have to do your very own due persistence.

By following this detailed overview and making the most of Alibaba’s secure payment service, you will certainly not be cheated of money.

3. How to verify Supplier on Alibaba

It’s always a fantastic suggestion to vet your suppliers very strictly before you do any business with them. Here are some tips to help you verify Alibaba’s vendors.

3.1 Supplier Verification

When you start your sourcing on Alibaba, listed below concepts you will certainly need to find out.

  • Trade Assurance

A free service supplied by Alibaba, Trade Assurance covers you if the products you purchased do not deliver promptly as well as if the product you receive does not fulfill the requirements or high-quality standards. Alibaba will give you a full reimbursement if this happens.

  •  Gold suppliers

Costs membership providers pay a high membership charge for the gold condition. Go to the product web page or vendor profile and look for the number, which informs you exactly how many years the supplier has had the gold icon.

  • Verified suppliers

Verified suppliers may perhaps be your finest choice. They are gold suppliers from China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan, that have been inspected by a third-party companies such as SGS, BV, Intertek. If the provider has been validated, you will certainly see this on their Alibaba account, as well as a listing of what they have been verified for.

verified supplier

 To screen for the professional guarantee, gold suppliers, as well as verified suppliers when you search for vendors on Alibaba, check the button that states each of the 3 so you see the pertinent suppliers and products.

Alibaba additionally has rankings as well as evaluations currently, so you can see what various other purchasers think about the suppliers.

verified information

3.2  Company Background Check

Supplier background confirmation is widely variable depending on the location, sort of company, category of products, etc. Right here are some methods to check, confirm, validate your distributor offered information.

The business license is legal documents, released by the authorized institution of local government, enabling individuals or companies to conduct a specific kind of company in a certain area.

The certificate is called evidence of firm existence as well as the capability to trade legally locally or globally. Therefore, every Chinese supplier has a special company registration number against their company name. The customer must request this number and also validate the registration number, seeing their regional main federal government site, or with the help of any type of trusted third-party company before making any kind of deal.

You will certainly locate the following info in the license.

  • Registered Capital

Generally, the even more funding a business holds, the more powerful its financial stamina is. However, the registered capital is not the paid-in capital. It is simply a monetary number. Often the real capacity of a business varies from its authorized funding. A significant deviation requires some unanticipated dangers. So it is said that checking recorded figures along with genuine data is sensible.

  • Nature Of Organization

If your supplier is a manufacturer, you have to examine whether they are included with the manufacturing or merely the setting up process. , in contrast, look at the ranges of items that need to be written in the license if your vendor is a trader.

ISO 9001 Range

As an ISO 9001 accredited company, you will have carried out High-quality Administration System requirements for all areas of business, including:






  •  Worth Added Tax (VAT) Number

Every company has a legitimate Tax Identification Number issued by the government. You can easily suspect their organization’s integrity as well as maintain yourself away from doing any kind of business with them if your vendor stops working to reveal such a number.

Chiese company Business license 

4. Common Scams and frauds on Alibaba

If you follow all the steps listed above, you will save money and time on your first orders and minimize the risk of loss. 

Overall, Alibaba is 100% legal and safe, but in some cases, you may be tricked into paying more than it’s worth for your products. Or waste your valuable time. 

The following situation is not complete scams, but they are evil tricks that suppliers may use on you during the cooperation process.

 4.1 Final Products lower Quality Than the Sample Sent You 

This is the most likely to happen. Some suppliers will offer you a very attractive lower price than various other suppliers to get your order. When you place your order, you will find that the product you ordered is not the one you want or not the same as the sample they sent you before. Or one with a high flaw price, since the vendor needs to give up quality for such a low rate.

product not match the sample

4.2 Selling Replica Branded Product

Since they are made in China, some buyers believe that top-quality electronic products or famous branded shoes are only inexpensive in China. All these products are fraudulent even if they declare to be an OEM manufacturer of those items.

All major brands make use of only official sales or distribution channels to wholesale their products. No real significant brands are being marketed via Alibaba.

replica product

4.3 Supplier Increase Price After You Place the Order

You confirmed item details, and all the terms then placed the order wired the deposit. At this point, you sent all this time and energy, the vendor told you the price is invalid, has to increase otherwise order cannot proceed.

How to prevent it, there are several carriers available so you can turn to a much more reliable source. As well as buy it with trade assurance.

4.4 Supplier Made Changes on Production Without Your Approval

This also takes place so often, particularly when the salesperson of the vendor is not very professional. Your details might not have been implemented with the manufacturing department of the factory. Or there is a shortage of some raw material, without notifying you how to do with the replacement, arrange the production with adjustments without your permission.

product with changes

4.5 Failed to offer the Certification Promised You Or Used Fake Certificate

They may be told you the certificate you request they are applying, will get after shipment. When products are prepared, the certificate might not be issued.

Some supplier may even sell their products with fake certifications. You can prevent purchasing from these vendors by verifying their credentials. There are some basic actions to validate the vendor’s certificate.

fake certificate

4.6 Added Fee For Customs, Currency Exchange Rate, and Some Other Excuses

After you put an order at a really low cost, some vendors will certainly bill you additional charges, such as personalized costs, service charges, and more. As the order remains in progress, you have to pay these costs to get your product. In this way, also if you accept the product at a beneficial price, various other extras add up to your expense. So don’t be fascinated by low prices. To avoid this, discover all the charges before you put an order. 

4.7 Supplier Lost Contact 

In some cases, new suppliers do this after much less than a year of membership on Alibaba. After paying an annual charge, anyone can be a vendor to Alibaba.

Some companies find it difficult to maintain business after a year, so they rip off as many consumers as feasible quickly and then disappear.

There is additionally a scenario where your items can’t be shipped on time, or something goes wrong. The vendor did not reply to your query and chose to escape your push. Always utilize trade guarantees with new vendors or pick tried and tested suppliers with trial orders and check the track record of several years. All these will help you to buy on Alibaba safely.


5. How to Avoid Scams and Bad Suppliers On Alibaba?


There are bad suppliers and factories in any kind of business and any type of industry. As we all know, Alibaba has such suppliers as well as sellers. To decrease the possibility of dishonesty or selecting unstable vendors, conduct background check supplies whenever possible.

 5.1 Pay by Alibaba Trade Assurance

Try to clear up the repayment by Alibaba trade assurance, especially for the very first time cooperation. As your order is secure under the security of profession guarantee.

If you don’t receive your shipment or if the vendor does not provide the same quantity or quality as guaranteed, Alibaba will deal with your complaint and trace it back to the seller.


From there, Alibaba will certainly assist you to mediate with your supplier to reach an arrangement on what to do following. If no settlement agreement can be achieved, you’ll merely get your money back.

While professional assurance is safe as well as efficient, the arbitration process can take a while. Your cash can obtain tied up for several months up until a resolution is reached.

Therefore, if you desire the capacity to contest a cost (outside of Alibaba), the safest means to spend for your Trade Guarantee order is through Paypal or a bank card.

Once more, paying by Paypal or credit card is not essential with a professional guarantee but it will certainly provide you with an extra layer of security for your order.

assurance suppliers

5.2 Requesting for Samples Before Order

 Please don’t place an order just based on the attractive pictures especially nowadays the images are all retouched. You can also ask several vendors for the very same product sample and also evaluate them to see which one suits your needs the most.


5.3 Third Party Inspection When Production Ready

It can take months to finish the entire production procedure once again and also then receive an additional batch when you get an inadequate top-quality item. While trade insurance can secure you from monetary losses, manufacturing delays harm your company, specifically if you wish to get your products in time for the holiday season.


To guarantee that you get high-quality goods on the initial order, you ought to work with an evaluation solution to inspect your items as they come right off the production line.

The cost of the inspection depends on how comprehensive of the inspection you need it. Generally talking, a regular inspection will charge you $100- $200 per person daily.

By finding production defects straight on the assembly line, you can make adjustments promptly without squandering time.

For many bulk products purchased on Alibaba, the cost of the assessment is in the single figures, so hiring a 3rd party agency for goods inspection is worth spending.

QC inspection

6. Conclusion

Alibaba can be an ideal place to source items for your business. The prices are affordable, and also if you’re cautious regarding your suppliers and also furnished with enough abilities, you can obtain good offers and also products of excellent top quality.


Overall, it’s crucial to do a deep supplier background check ahead of time. Alibaba is a great platform that wants to source the products and get the best pricing possible. But wanting to select a good supplier from Alibaba is not easy at all. Style Sourcing can do all the hassle work and conduct responsible product and supplier sourcing for you.


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