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Purchase From 1688.com

Send us the links or pictures of the products you want to buy. Then relax, we will handle all the rest. You just wait for the delivery.

Quality Check

Our professional QC team inspect and check each product to make sure the products are in good condition before shipping out to you.

consolidate order

Consolidate Orders

We combine the goods from various suppliers as one shipment, will save up 70% of shipping. Re-pack and consolidate smaller orders into thicker master cartons to make sure products are well protected.

worldwild shipping

Worldwide Shipping

We will be your shipping agent to ship your goods to your destination based on the shipping method you have chosen. We provide all kinds of shipping channels, Air Freight, Railway,Air Express, & Sea Freight.

Features & Benefits

Why Buy From 1688.com

Numerous Products Avaliable

The largest online B2B wholesale marketplace in the world. Covered 16 major industries: clothing,accessories,home supplies, raw mateirals, also industrial products, can meett all your buying needs.

Direct Supply From Manufacturers

We don’t have mediators to charge extra. As the best 1688 agent, we are 100% transparent to all the buyers. And we will help to negotiate as well to save you money.

Safety Guaranteed

Relying on China’s largest sourcing platform to support a safe procurement experience. Quality assurance from this trustworthy platform.

Buying Tips

How To Buy From 1688.com Safely

Warm tips you must have known before buying

Research/Compare and select the best deal

We always serach around until we find the most cost-effective prices and high-quality products after evaluation. Welcome to any inquires and our sourcing expertise will give you professional advises.

Choose Verified Vendors

You must to choose the verified suppliers, the "TrustPass" supplier with longer experience means are much more safety are reliable to work with.

Confirm the Limits and Rules With Suppliers

Make sure your quantities meet the MOQ requirement of the supplier. Also the qualification of supplier, commodity terms of your country...If you need know more rules, feel free to contact us.

Ask For Physical Pictures And Videos

Before placing your orders, it's necessary to ask supplier to send the live photos or videos. Mkae sure the real product is what you expect it to be.

Want to Buy From 1688.com Easily?

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Buying Steps

1688 Buying Steps

Style Sourcing guides you step by step to buy from 1688.com safely


Select products from 1688.com

Browse 1688.com products database, choose the products you are interested then save the links or images.


Send us your inquiry

Please send us your product links/suppliers/images, also the order details or custom requst you need to us.


Confirm PI and pay the deposit

We will make proforma invoice include all the details. We are regular doing 30% deposit and 70% balance payment by TT.If you have any specially request, feel free to contact us.


Place your orders

After receiving payment from you, we order from 1688.com. Usually, we will get your packages within 3 days(if the products are ready stock).Also follow up the order and let you know the progress.


Quality check

Once we receive a product from 1688.com, we will check the product quality and make sure the products are confont to the listing description.


Pay the balance and arrange the shipping

Please settle the balance after received our inspection report, and we will ship the goods in shortest time by suitable means of transportation and let you know.DHL, UPS, FedEx, SF express, or Ship by Sea freight or by air freight.

Service fee

1688 Agent Service Fee

No any front charges, also no inquiries or consult charges to any questions . The deposit will be collected only after you confirmed and signed back the PI. We will list all the costs in PI and no any hide expenses. 

1688 icon

If your order amount is more than $30,000, service charges and payment terms are negotiable.

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Common questions


Quick answers about 1688.com

1688.com is the world’s largest e-commerce company (larger than Amazon and eBay combined), and it is also the most comprehensive directory connecting suppliers (mainly from China) with global buyers. 1688 wholesale platform actually has millions of products from thousands of suppliers. So there is nothing you can’t find on this site that you wouldn’t expect.

Most of the suppliers from 1688 cannot speak English. 1688.com unlike Alibaba,which is a professional foreign trade B2B platform. And 1688 is a wholesale trading platform for China domestic.

So majority suppliers are unable to communicate in English. But you can use translation software to talk to them or seek the help of a purchasing agent.

The best suggustion is to hire a China sourcing agent who can deal with suppliers on your behalf, act as your own buying team in China, who can help you with the translation barrier so you can be buying products efficiently.

The 1688 platform is safe because of their Alipay guarantee service. So be sure to pay from the platform to maximize the safety of your money. That’s why we don’t recommend you to pay suppliers offline by dollars.

Currently, we can offer 3 payment terms.

T/T (Bank Transfer/Telegraphic Transfer): Normally it takes 2-3 working days to receive the wire. For the amount more than 1000usd, we suggest this way.

Western Union: We can receive your payment in a very short time, but the handling charge is a bit high.

Paypal: Mostly used for sample payment, which amounts is less than 500usd, there is a 4.5% handling charge shall be added on the total amount.

There’s a variety you can use. Pick from the list below what works for you.

  • WeChat
  • AliPay
  • Company bank account
  • Personal bank account

However, it should be noted that when paying to Alibaba suppliers, please pay online, not through offline.

Go to their 1688 store:

1. Open up the home page of the vendor.
2. Click “Company”.
3. Click “View Business Registration Information”.
4. View all information regarding the seller’s business registration.

You can see their date of registration, registered capital, incorporation, and company address etc.

We recommond you to choose “TrustPass” supplier, and the “older supplier “means higher safety. The blue icon which means” factory” in Chinese, has been vertified by an authoritative third-party organization.

Definitely, with over 10 years of experience, we have cooperated with thousands of factories and suppliers, we have accelated a huge supplier resources. We located in Yiwu which is the world’s largest international trade market , and we can also select suppliers for you in the trade market via video.

Sorry, cannot. As packages from 1688 suppliers canot be shipped overseas. You have to work with a Chinese 1688 sourcing agent to help you send the goods to your destination.

The 1688 platform itself is safe. But buying from  any platform carries the risk of encountering frauds. So you need a professional sourcing agent to help you gatekeep and avoid the risk.

Yes, but you need to pay attention when sourcing. 1688 has more factories selling directly on it, so it is supported by lower prices. But at the same time there are many distributors and traders, you need to know how to distinguish. Meanwhile, you should not just pursue low prices, too obviously lower than the prices of other suppliers, often come with unexpectedly low quality and scams.

A large number of suppliers on the 1688 platform now have in-stock inventory available, especially for household supplies and consumer goods, with the MOQ of 3-5 pieces. Of course if you only want to buy 1, it is often possible to do so, for paying a bit more.


1688.com Buying Guide

Maybe you already run a business or plan to set up your own company. Then 1688.com will be a great marketplace for you to boost your business and start your business with inexpensive offers!

Besides, that’s what makes Chinese companies an exceptional investment chance. You can start your own business with a very low initial capital.

However, you still need to go through the inconvenience of choosing suppliers. In fact, you will need a great helper to start!
Now, we’ll guide you from zero, what you must know andhow to use this platform to your maximum benefit.


What’s the difference from 1688.com with Alibaba.com?

1688 is Alibaba’s platform for Chinese domestic suppliers, offering business opportunities and a convenient and safe online trading marketplace for small and medium-sized companies in the Chinese market. 1688 is a wholesale and sourcing business, covering 16 industries such as raw materials, industrial products, garments, household products, and small commodities. It provides a range of supply services from raw materials procurement – production and wholesale, etc. In short, 1688.com is equivalent to the Chinese site of Alibaba.com. A similar platform is Taobao, which focuses on retail.

Why is it worthwhile for overseas buyers to purchase from the domestic 1688? com platform? Because there are many trading companies and wholesalers on Alibaba’s international site, most of them are also looking for suppliers and selling goods from the domestic 1688.

So if you learn how to source and find suppliers from 1688, it gives you an additional channel to find source suppliers and have advantageous goods.


How do foreigners register the 1688 account?

Firstly, go to 1688.com, Google Chrome is recommended. You will see this is a Chinese website, as below.

Then please try to use Google web translate to translate the web page into English(Or your native language, which we’ll demonstrate here in English). You can also type the website in translate.google.com to translate the web page. Type the website URL in the space and select English on the right side of the box to select the language.

Then you will see “sign for free” on the top right side. Click inside and turn on the register page.

You can select the personal account on the right side. And fill in your information in the corresponding column, Please note, mobile phone select your area code. If fill in the wrong area code, you will not receive the verification code.

The phone receives the verification code, enters it into the box, and clicks the orange agree and submit button to sign up. Now you have a 1688 personal account, can start your sourcing journey.


How to buy from 1688.com?

  • Work with agent

You can hire a professional 1688 buying agent to help with the sourcing and shipping, they will take care of all the hassle works for you. All you need to do is contact 1688 agents with product details, such as product links, photos, names, etc. They will look best vendors as well as the highest quality items, bargain for the very best price as well as inventory for you, and save your time and also money. Then you just need to wait for your package delivery.

  • Deal with 1688 vendors directly

As a foreigner, you can purchase products from Chinese wholesale dealers, but you have to handle the payment and shipping by yourself. As 1688 platform, can only send goods to Chinese addresses, they cannot ship worldwide, and the biggest issue is the payment. If you pay through them offline, it’s not so safe. And if you pay online through Alipay, that require you to have a Chinese bank account, which is very complicated for most overseas buyers especially those who not come to China. So, they prefer to the first option mostly.


Buying tips should know before your purchase

  • Confirm inventory information

Many Chinese vendors on the 1688 site, do not update their inventory information frequently. So it would be better to check with them before placing an order, otherwise, you may find out, when you are going to order, but the product is not available anymore.

In particular, the platform is also filled with many distributors, they didnot store all the products. Their goods are also sent through the upper level of wholesalers, not directly from them. So this will be more often the case.

To avoid these problems, we suggest you choose a better vendor who or an excellent 1688 sourcing agen. The agent will help you deal with these issues and avoid problems. They will quickly help you find alternative suppliers when the product is available anymore.

Pick the suppliers with a red “bullhead icon” purple “ Source Factory”or the “Verified icon” which means that the supplier is Alibaba Group licensed, making them reliable in their stock updates.

  • Confirm the domestic shipping charge

The prices shown on 1688 are ex-factory prices and do not include domestic shipping charges. So you need to enter your shipping address when you place the order. Then the shipping charge will be automatically calculated and shown in your final payment.
But please note that when you have a large number of orders. You can communicate with the seller if you can get a better shipping cost. Usually, the shipping cost is negotiable for orders of more than a few hundred piece.
If you have a purchasing agent or freight forwarder to help you collect the goods in China, it is recommended to go to communicate with the supplier to send the goods by freight logistics instead of domestic express. The packages from 1688 suppliers, the default are sent by express. When your order quantity is not small( for full cartons), shipping by freight logistics will save a lot more than local couriers.

  • Shipping time and delay

Wholesale from 1688.com may come with these problems.
It doesn’t like a retail site(Amazon, eBay, Tmall) that normally ship your package super fast, as a wholesale platform, the shipping time will be not so accurate. Especially when you have special requirements on production or packing, the supplier will need more days to prepare.

As we all know, wholesale orders require time for processing. They require longer lead times. For ready-stock products, and you can expect the vendors will ship out within 3- 5 days. However, for a bigger quantity or special requirements will need approximately a week or so.

For large orders especially customized orders normally require even more time, from 3 to 4 weeks. May with additional delays(a few days) in peak seasons.

You also need to take the domestic shipping time into consideration. It takes 3 -4 days on the way from the time vendors ship the packages out until we get the packages, no matter by local express or logistics all over the country.

  • Returns and exchanges policy

It should be especially noted that suppliers on the 1688 platform do not support no-reason returns unless there is a quality issue. This is the biggest difference with the retail platform.
So before you place an order, please confirm whether you really need to buy. Because if you want to cancel the order or return it because of the buyer’s reason, the merchant has a reason to refuse. Of course, if you want to cancel the order when the buyer has not yet shipped, you can still negotiate with the buyer at this time.

  • Do not place a large order for the first cooperation

Please don’t place a large order for the first time cooperation or just based on the attractive pictures especially nowadays the images are all retouched. Always remember to ask for a sample before any bigger order, to make sure everything meets your requirements.


How to select the supplier from 1688.com?

When you enter the keywords you want to search for in the search column, you will find thousands of results in front of you. How can you quickly and efficiently find the most suitable supplier from the flood of results?

On the top of the page, there are some settings that you can select based on your needs: material, size, target customer… Here, most of the options don’t need to be checked. But the place of origin deserves special attention.

  • Turnover

This shows the recent sales of suppliers,  the higher amount always means a better deal, and most buyers are picked.

  • Area

The location of the factory is also important. Usually, suppliers that are in the industrial zone location of the product you need to purchase will have better prices and delivery times than those in other areas.

  • Business Type

This refers to the business model, which is divided into 4 parts. Production and processing, wholesale distribution, investment agent, and business service.

  • In-depth

Here are 2 options, in-depth factory inspection, and in-depth business inspection. Factories with in-depth factory inspection certification are only available through authoritative third parties such as Intertek, SGS, and BV after in-depth factory assessment. 

After you select your potential suppliers, can check with the below aspects for a final decision.

  • Better communication and cooperation
  • Prompt response
  • Longer experience
  • Competitive price
  • Good quality
  • Intime delivery
  • Positive feedback from previous customers


Then what’s next?

You can always use Style Sourcing as your 1688 agent no matter how big your order is or what you are looking for. We’ll take care of all the work from sourcing, order, collecting, inspecting also shipping.

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